Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Hey you with the FILM!


That's right! You! Are you sick of me posting infrequently? Do you wish you had more TheFaceGuy to read while you procrastinate from the important but boring stuff you should be doing? Well, I wish that I had more TheFaceGuy to write while I procrastinate from the important but boring stuff that I should be doing. And it's in that vein of thought that I am announcing...


Occupy FaceGuy puts you, the readers, in more control over the content that comes out on this website. I'm still going to review movies, just not the random ones like I have in the past. Indeed, I won't even be randomly deciding what Top 7 lists I'm doing.

Here's how it works. If you want a post done, leave it in the comments! The first movie posted by a reader in the comments that I either A) have seen or B) can see within the next 7 days and its one that I have not previously reviewed, I WILL REVIEW IT. That's right, I'm doing reviews on request! Even more, if your post is a Top 7 list idea that I have not done (say, Top 7 Inspiring Speeches), then I will do THAT instead! Pretty sweet, huh?
Sweet like a kickin' laser show!

So come on! Comment your movie! Any movie! Old or new! The time is now - come and take your prize - a slice of this delicious FaceGuy pie.

Even if you look like this.

... Who am I kidding? ESPECIALLY if you look like this. 


  1. 'Tis the Season. Do some modern classics:

    Grinch vs. Grinch

    A Christmas Story

    Carol vs Carol vs Carol vs Carol

    The Nightmare Before Christmas


  2. Oh, and the new Sherlock Holmes movie coming out this coming weekend, of course... should we see it together Saturday afternoon after our lunch? I'll buy either tickets or treats...

  3. Legally Blonde.

    Lucky Number Sleven


    Sucker Punch

    The Last Unicorn


    Paranormal Activity Series

    Any and all of these can keep you busy. :P

  4. Top 7 Star Trek movies


    The Blues Brothers

    The Manchurian Candidate (original)

    The Producers (original)

    Hopefully these will give you some ideas?

  5. Rio


    Star Trek XI/(2009)

    Top 7 Musicals (Yes, you can count Once More With Feeling and Dr. Horrible if you must.)

    Have fun. Looking forward to this round.

  6. Top 7 Holiday Films

    Top 7 Zombie Films (what gave me that idea?)

  7. Post will happen after the holidays.